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21st century computing

We help your business into the 21st century

In close collaboration with our customers we conceptualize and build highly individualized system applications for small and medium-sized enterprises across all industries. We especially focus on reliability, ease of use and the protection of your data — so that you can fully focus on your actual work.

Software development

We believe that well thought out software of high quality can help you and your team to work more efficiently and to produce better results while making the process of working more pleasant at the same time. Technology at work still is a difficult hurdle to overcome for many employees. We see the technological possibilities of our time as a big chance. And we are convinced that software does not intrinsically need to be complex or hard to use — quite the opposite, actually.

Many of today's tasks at work can be dramatically sped up or at least be vastly simplified through the use of cleverly designed software. More and more workflows can even be completely automated. This finally leaves the time you and your colleagues need for the actually important tasks of your jobs.

In addition to that our globalized world constantly poses new demands on you and your work. Today you are competing with the whole planet. Your customers expect better results in less time. The modern workplace is no longer bound to location or time — people work from home or while being on the road, they live on different continents, in different timezones and speak different languages. Use all of this as an advantage and combine the capabilities of your team!

We do not offer off the shelf solutions. Each and every project will be individually conceptualized and built for you and your business. We accompany you from the first idea to the final product introduction — and further beyond.

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Web design

Besides the improvement of your internal workflows we also happily support you with the realization of your company's website, the probably most important digital representation of your business. The days for companies who cannot be found on the internet are counted.

Our main focus is on a reliable, modern and solid technical implementation — from the first line of code to the optimization for mobile devices and search engines. We are exclusively using open web standards and do everything we can to protect the privacy of your users.

You can count on our high expertise from the very first idea on to the final website. Of course we also offer advice in terms of Content Management Systems for the independent maintenance of your website as well as recommendations for hosting.

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In everything we do we reduce to the most important aspects, we reduce to the essence. We have an opinion, we question — and we say No. Intentionally leaving certain things out can be freeing and open up new perspectives. With us, quality always wins over quantity.

By the way — this is also how this website, this text came into existence. Over the course of one and a half years we reduced and removed everything non-essential.


We give our best. Every day. We go the extra mile. Just "good enough" is not good enough for us. We never stop learning — and we try to learn even more every day.


Every project is different. We see that over and over again. This is why we never sell the same product twice. We only offer custom-tailored individual solutions — no off the shelf products.

We accompany every project from the beginning to the very end, from the first idea until product launch — and if you wish even beyond that with regular maintenance and extensions. We build upon long-term and successful customer relationships.


Friendly, continuous and honest communication is the building block for effective collaboration. We do not run anonymous call center hotlines — every customer is assigned a permanent contact person who will take care of all matters.


We put our effort into things that will never change: Appealing products & services, individual & long-term support, high reliability & speed of our applications, data protection & privacy, as well as ease of use.

No customer will ever come to us and say: "I wish this application was harder to use" or "I wish your support team would take more time to respond". That's why we put so much effort into these basic principles.

Open standards

As far as technically possible and feasible we use open standards and free software instead of proprietary technologies. This leads to transparency, traceability and insures, that your project can be maintained and extended even many years in the future.

We value the individual's privacy and resign from using any advertising or analytics tools. And we only store data that absolutely needs to be stored.

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Our customers come from various industries with vastly differing requirements. We take care of agencies, doctor's offices, writers, experts, creative bureaus, store businesses, musicians, restaurants, athletes, tax consultants, social clubs, repair shops, and many more. From the one-man-business to medium-sized enterprises.



We are very much looking forward to hearing from you and your next project! In order to take best care of your inquiry please use the following contact form or send an email directly to inbox KLAMMERAFFE bitsandmachines PUNKT com.